A story about my internship at M6 Group, as an UX/UI designer.

M6 Group, the biggest group of medias in France

M6 Group is the third biggest media group in France. Mainly present in the audiovisual sectors, the group own several television channels (M6, W9, Paris Première and Téva), radio stations (RTL, RTL2 and FunRadio), movies and television production, distribution companies, and an advertising agency. It is also present on the Internet with 6play, a replay television service.

As a child, a teenager and a young adult, I have always been touched by M6 and its shows. I watch « La France a un Incroyable Talent », « Le Meilleur Pâtissier », « Top Chef », « Cauchemar en cuisine », « Scènes de Ménage »,  I listen Fun Radio and RTL in my car and I use 6play, the replay website.

So when I had the opportunity to do my internship there, I was so excited.

Since I worked in a start-up, I was always saying to myself « Passion is worthless. I want to work for something that gives me this fire inside ».

In March 2018, I left my town in the south of France, took a train to Paris and settle for a while in this wonderful city.


My work as an UX/UI designer

I was in the web service of M6 Group, during 6 months, as an UX/UI designer.

I mainly worked for the development of 6play, in the following fields :

UX design : analysis of user data (their needs, behaviors and emotions) and strategic needs, definition of UX objectives, benchmark, wireframes, information architecture, organization of guerilla tests (user tests), collaborations with researchers, designers and product managers, design of new features, implementations, …

UI design : prototypes, meetings with products managers and web developers, iconography, typography, color, space and texture, grid systems, atomic design, …
Design tools : Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Protopie, Principle, Zeplin.

Graphic Design : design of logos, posters and banners for 6play.
Tools : Photoshop, Illustrator.

Motion Design : promotion of tv programs, features and animated messages.
Tools : After Effects, Premiere Pro.

I loved working for something I was concerned about. Think about the users was like thinking about me, so I have so much to say and improve, but I learned how to take a step back, think differently and intelligently.

The projects I managed

I worked on various challenging projects, such as :

Implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) : reflections on the user experience, legal positionning, diplay of banners, settings and privacy policy on all devices (HBBTV, IPTV, tablets, android/iOS mobiles and computers). That was my first touchy project.

Player redesign : I was fully independant on this one. I did the UX and UI design on the 6play player, which includes chromecast, subtitles, seekbar, informations, playlists, etc.

Search redesign : I was independant on this one too. I redesigned the search feature on the app, which includes recommandations, latest searches, autocompletion, horizontal reabons, etc.

TV pairing : I worked with projects owners and UX designers on the highlighting and in-app display of the mobile account pairing feature to the TV account.

Anti-adblock : I personalize the anti-adblock page in order to make it funny and not frustrating for the user. 👉 See it !

Landing page : I created a landing page for the premium offer of 6play. This is only a proposition and it has not be validated by the managers. Law problems. 👉 See it !

Settings : I also redesign the process of personal settings. 👉 See it !

This internship was honestly the best I have had. The members of my team were very cool, kind and they teached me so much. I made friends there. The projects were passionating. I loved being a part of this.

And, you know, Paris being Paris 😊

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