This is a story about my first internship in a start-up of two, as a communications officer.

As I were a first year student at the University of Toulouse (France), studying multimedia, internet and communications, I did my first internship in a fresh new company. This company  was working on a Big Data software, that could manage a lot of informations and create spreadsheets.

They were two CEO : a husband and his wife.

When I arrived, from the top of my 19 years old, I could clearly see what kind of organization it was, and the lot of work that I will have to deal with. The husband was a talented web developper. I learned a lot from him and I will always be grateful for that. But his passion was huge and his mind confused by a ton of ideas. Ideas are great. I mean, I love to be creative, break  barriers, create the new and dream big. But sometimes, you must be realistic. Specially when you create a business.

The wife was very good at writing and organizing. In fact, she left everything and followed her husband in his crazy adventure, trying to help as best as she could. A wonderful story of love and trust.

So I arrived in this little space between this couple and their project, trying to make my own place and restore order. I tell that I was « Communications officer ». That’s a big word, and that’s why I use it. I did a lot (I mean, A LOT) of things, such as community management (retroplanning, search the best hashtags and topics, growth hacking, etc), rebranding (logo, banners, visit cards, etc), webdesign (for the website and the software), motion design for an advertising, project management, etc.

I learned so much in this company and I improved my sense of initiative. My two colleagues gave me their trust and allowed me to have fun on this project. That’s precious.

I also learned a lot about start-ups. I can tell that everything was not pink (is that a French expression?). There, I saw a lot of pressure, stress, voltage in the couple and fear of bankruptcy. And that’s the truth we should all know about start-ups. Create a business is not just doing what you want, be your own boss, own a lot of money, and all those clichés. This is something hard. If you’re not passionate enough, just let that to others. At D-lite Systems, I also saw a lot of  hope and passion that inspires me so much. I was telling myself « Passion is worthless. I want to work for something that gives me this fire inside ».

This experience gave a meaning to my work. I knew why I was getting up every morning. I knew what my goals were and why contribute to this business was important to me. Not because I specially believed in the project. But because I wanted to help this two people with my knowledge and my skills.

It’s been four years now. The company’s still standing. From the exterior I watched the evolution of our work. The logo has changed. The webdesign has changed. Social medias are mute since the day I left. That’s a part of the internships game and the digital communication in general.



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