When I was a student at the University of Toulon, I had the chance to create a start-up with a team of 15. It was a student project, so the start-up was not real. But it could have been. Let me tell you.

During 6 month, me and my 15 student partners were asked to create a start-up from scratch.

First of all, we had to pick the right idea, the idea that could run for real. Each of us came with an idea, and we had to pitch it in front of the teachers and the other students. The pitch lasts 1 minute. Mine was about a digital garden, connected to a captor and an app. I thought about it while I was in my little tiny appartment, cooking, and being frustrating about not having fresh mint, basil or coriander. I wished I could have a garden ! But even if I had one, I had no talent growing plants. So I thought that creating an interior garden, for those who, like me, don’t have space, time or talent would be great. The teachers loved it, my colleagues too. We made a team and start working on the connected garden.

I choosed the name « EYWA », in reference to the movie « Avatar » from James Cameron. EYWA is the name of a holy tree, mother of Nature. Avatar is a special movie to me, I like it very much. It was an innovative film at the time, with all that amazing special effects and motion capture. Thus, EYWA is four letters long, perfect for SEO.

We organised the team in 4 little teams :

  • project management (me and an other guy)
  • design (me and 3 other persons)
  • audiovisual (2 people)
  • web development (2 people)
  • communication (3 people)
  • marketing (3 people)

In 6 months, we did a great job. We created the graphic charter, the app, the website, the business plan and strategic communication for the five next years.

👉 See the app

👉 See the videos

You can see our final document, which resume all of our work in 90 pages there.

At the end, we presented it to a jury composed with teachers and investors.

We won the first prize and an investor contacted us.


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